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Love How You Feel in Your Body by Mastering the 4 Pillars of Health. (Psst…neglecting them is the real reason you’ve felt trapped by food for so long.)

In 2012, I was right where you are.

…constantly feeling guilty, every time I ate ‘too much’…

…hiding my stress eating because I felt ashamed that I couldn’t stop… 

…going around and around looking for answers that I could never find except at the bottom of an ice cream carton or a bag of potato chips. 

In fact, I spent most of my adult life in shame-filled suffering covered in a dark shroud of anxiety, frustration, and suffocating fear.


Working with Kristen has been terrific! I have always been someone who gains and loses weight - the typical yo-yo personality. Kristen’s program goes deeper than most health programs. Based on her teachings and strategies, my relationship with food is shifting to something more sustainable. I’m releasing my guilt around poor food choices and learning to take control of my personal well-being. I highly recommend working with Kristen if you want a mindset shift in your approach to wellness.
Kim Girard
Before working with Kristen, I was extremely anxious, constantly overeating, negative, and very unhappy overall. I felt completely out of control with my life. From something as simple to picking out dinner or getting my two girls down to bed, I was stressed and showing it in all aspects of my life. Since starting with Kristen, I feel 75% less anxiety than when I started. I no longer overeat all the time, and I no longer stress eat, which for me is HUGE! I've been able to find the courage to quit a job that was no longer serving me and begin to work for myself. The biggest thing that has changed for me is recognizing when I'm in an emotional place that doesn’t serve me and am able to catch myself and shift my mind and attitude. It's opened so many opportunities for me and taught me how to make my own decisions again.
Stephanie Hill
Kristen is a wonderful and motivating teacher and encourager. Her work around reframing the decisions I was making around several areas in my life, not just food, has been and will continue to be the most powerful shift for me. In a fun and insightful way, she helped me understand that I CAN actually change the way I think to achieve the things I desire most, which include making better food choices and dropping the guilt around food!
Virginia Green

Kristen Roby Garcia in person

I’m Kristen Roby Garcia with certifications as a Master Certified Health Coach, Transformational Mindset and Life Coach and a bachelor’s in Psychology I know a thing or two about the mind and body connection.  After being fairly healthy my whole life, I was completely dumbstruck when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (a thyroid condition), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression in 2012 at the not so old age of 37.   I was also the heaviest and unhappiest I had ever been in my life and my marriage was crumbling.   I was looking to food for comfort, like I had done so many times in my life, but now those habits here literally robbing me of what I wanted most…health and happiness.