My Journey

In 2012,
I was right where you are.

…constantly feeling guilty, every time I ate ‘too much’…

…hiding my stress eating because I felt ashamed that I couldn’t stop… 

…going around and around looking for answers that I could never find except at the bottom of an ice cream carton or a bag of potato chips.

In fact, I spent most of my adult life in shame-filled suffering covered in a dark shroud of anxiety, frustration, and suffocating fear.

Fear that I wasn’t ‘good enough’… 

…fear that someone would ‘expose’ my binge eating habits… 

…fear that people would judge me rather than just listen… or even help!

But, when I got clear on what was really at the center of my problem… and did the deep work of shifting my mindset… my health was put on a whole new trajectory.

Since I embarked on my life-saving journey, I’ve gone on to achieve COMPLETE food freedom. 

I can enjoy food again… 100% guilt-free… knowing that I am making healthy choices that don’t just make me feel better but help me actually lose and maintain my weight.

I’m no longer a slave to the emotions that kept me in a cycle of eating and self-ridicule for so long. 

As a Board-Certified Transformational Mindset, Life and Health Coach, I now use the same life-changing methodologies and strategies that helped me finally break the emotional eating cycle with hundreds of other women to empower them to free themselves too.