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Everyone who knows me, knows I love clean beauty products. BeautyCounter is truly a step above the rest, they not only ban over 1800 questionable ingredients but they also fight for better legislation around beauty products. The best part is their products actually perform and I especially love their anti-aging skincare line, my skin has never looked better!

ButcherBox is my family’s one stop shop for top quality meat and seafood products. All beef is grass fed and grass finished and all seafood is ethically sourced. I love that we can pick different cuts with every order! We like to experiment and the kids love it. 😊 

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Thrive Market is an online, membership-based market making the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products available for every budget, lifestyle, and geography. I feel safe knowing that all manufacturers have been thoroughly checked out and approved with Thrive’s high standards.

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I stumbled across Paleovalley when looking for a high-quality Turmeric supplement.  I was impressed with the company’s high manufacturing standards and their array of products.  I also love their grass fed and finished beef sticks and their Apple Cider Vinegar supplements.  I can truly say I have felt a difference with all the products. 

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Did you know most Collagen supplements are not absorbed into the body?  Instead of throwing money away, I was excited to find this superb Collagen supplement that is proven to be completely absorbed into the body.  I love it! I use the Liquid Bio-Cell Life Version but use the quiz to figure out which collagen product makes the most sense for you.

I get so excited about this clinically researched spore-based probiotic. I have been a happy user personally as well as multiple clients, friends and family. In order to achieve real and lasting health, nothing is more important than your gut health.  They even have a line for pets! 

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